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2016 主題 : 服事年         全人服事、全民歸主 《 English 》 Year of Service : Serve God Wholeheartedly, Make Disciples in All Nations
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
07/31/2016   Finding Joy in Your Finances Philippians 4:10-19 Pr. Will Chen
07/24/2016   Finding Joy in Your Thoughts Philippians 4:1-9 Pr. Will Chen
07/17/2016   Finding Joy in Your Future Philippians 3:12-21 Pr. Will Chen
07/10/2016   Finding Joy in Your Accomplishments Philippians 3:1-11 Pr. Will Chen
06/26/2016   Finding Joy in Your Job Philippians 2:19-30 Pr. Will Chen
06/19/2016   You Are My Beloved Son Mark 1:9-11 Pr. Will Chen
06/12/2016   Finding Joy in Your Job Philippians 2:19-30 Pr. Will Chen
06/05/2016   Finding Joy in Your Potential Philippians 2:12-18 Pr. Will Chen
05/29/2016   An Abundant Life John 10:10-27 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
05/22/2016   Do You Have Anything Here To Eat? Luke 24:36-49 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
05/15/2016   Finding Joy in Your Attitudes Philippians 2:1-11 Pr. Will Chen
05/08/2016   What Is Your Spiritual Legacy? 2 Timothy 1:3-5 Pr. Isaac Liao
05/01/2016   Finding Joy in Your Circumstances Philippians 1:12-30 Pr. Will Chen
04/24/2016   Finding Joy Philippians 1:1-11 Pr. Will Chen
04/17/2016   Inseparable Romans 8:28-39 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
04/10/2016   Preparing for the Promised Land Joshua 5:1-12 Pr. Will Chen
04/03/2016   I Am a C Matthew 5:13-20 Pr. Will Chen
03/27/2016   Beautiful Savior : The Victorious Jesus 1 Corinthians 15:54-57 Pr. Will Chen
03/20/2016   Beautiful Savior : The Selfless Jesus Romans 15:1-13 Pr. Will Chen
03/13/2016   Beautiful Savior : The Compassionate Jesus Matthew 9:36-38 Pr. Will Chen
03/06/2016   Beautiful Savior Psalm 96:1-13 Pr. Will Chen
02/28/2016   The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians   Seminarian Jack Lai
02/21/2016   EFCOC: A Healthy Passionate Church John 2:13-17 Dr. Rev. John Sim
02/14/2016   Breakthrough in Love Hosea 3:1-5 Pr. Will Chen
02/07/2016   Breakthrough in Ministry 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 Pr. Will Chen
01/31/2016   Breakthrough in Unity John 17:20-23 Pr. Will Chen
01/24/2016   Breakthrough in Worship John 4:23-24 Pr. Will Chen
01/17/2016   Breakthrough in Prayer 1 John 5:14-15 Pr. Will Chen
01/10/2016   Breakthrough 1 Chronicles 14:8-17 Pr. Will Chen
01/03/2016   Cultivating Leaders In God’s Kingdom Deuteronomy 31:23 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang

2015 主題 : 關懷年     同享同擔、與主同行 《 English 》 The Year of Caring : Bear Other's Burdens,Walk With Christ
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
12/27/2015   Closing The Gap Ephesians 4:11-32 Pr. Will Chen
12/20/2015   The Peacemaker 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 Pr. Isaac Liao
12/13/2015   Jesus: I Am The Resurrection & The Life John 11:1-14:31 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
12/06/2015   Jesus: I am the Gate & Good Shepherd John 10:1-42 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
11/29/2015   CSI: Genesis Genesis 4:1-16 Jack Lai
11/22/2015   A Grateful Heart Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rev. Tse-Feng Chuang
11/15/2015   Transformed: Facing Giants in Life & Work 1 Samuel 17:1-52 Pr. Will Chen
11/08/2015   Transformed: How I See & Use Money Luke 16:1-13 Pr. Will Chen
11/01/2015   Transformed: Facing the Fears That Ruin Relationships Genesis 3:6-19 Pr. Will Chen
10/25/2015   Transformed: How to Deal With How You Feel Mark 12:29-30 Pr. Will Chen
10/18/2015   Transformed: Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind Romans 12:2 Pr. Will Chen
10/11/2015   Transformed: From Stressed To Blessed Psalm 23:1-6 Pr. Will Chen
10/04/2015   Transformed: How to Get Closer to God Luke 15:11-24 Pr. Will Chen
09/27/2015   Transformed: Setting Personal Goals By Faith Philippians 3:12-15 Pr. Will Chen
09/20/2015   Choose Blessing Genesis 21:22-34 Rev. Peter Chen
09/13/2015   Eternal Conversation: You Shall… Luke 10:25-28 Pr. Will Chen
09/06/2015   Eternal Conversation: I am… John 14:1-7 Pr. Will Chen
08/30/2015   Catching the Wave of God’s Destiny Genesis 41 Pr. Isaac Liao
08/23/2015   2015 OCEM Taiwan Mission Team    
08/16/2015   I’m Too Young Jeremiah 1:4-8 Dr. John Sim
08/09/2015       Dr. Frank Macchia
08/02/2015   Four-Letter Words: TIME Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Pr. Will Chen
07/26/2015   Four-Letter Words: SELF Mark 8:34-35 Pr. Will Chen
07/19/2015   Four-Letter Words: WAIT Lamentations 3:25-26 Pr. Isaac Liao
07/12/2015   Four-Letter Words: HOLY 1 Peter 1:13-21 Pr. Will Chen
07/05/2015   Four-Letter Words: HOPE 1 Peter 1:3-12 Pr. Isaac Liao
06/28/2015   Family Matters: And The Legacy Continues 2 Timothy 1:1-5 Pr. Will Chen
06/21/2015   A Father’s Love Language 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12 Pr. Isaac Liao
06/14/2015   Are You Ready? 1 Samuel 3:1~14 Andrea Chen
06/07/2015   Family Matters:Can We All Just Get Along? Ephesians 6:1~4 Pr. Will Chen
05/31/2015   Family Matters: Till Death Do Us Part Ephesians 5:22~33 Pr. Will Chen
05/24/2015   Family Matters: As For Me And My House Joshua 24:15 Pr. Will Chen
05/17/2015   God's Masterpiece Jeremiah 1:4~10 Pr. David Yu
05/10/2015   VIP Proverbs 31:1~9 Pr. Will Chen
05/03/2015   Fresh Start: A New Assurance Romans 8:31~39 Pr. Isaac Liao
04/26/2015   Fresh Start: A New Purpose Romans 8:26~30 Pr. Will Chen
04/19/2015   Fresh Start: A New Hope Romans 8:12~25 Pr. Isaac Liao
04/12/2015   Fresh Start: A New Freedom Romans 8:1~11 Pr. Isaac Liao
04/05/2015   The Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ Luke 24:1~7, 44~49 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
03/29/2015   And the Verdict Is… John 18:33~38 Pr. Isaac Liao
03/22/2015   Never the Same Luke 22:14~20 Pr. Will Chen
03/15/2015   All Hail the King John 12 Pr. Isaac Liao
03/08/2015   Be Grateful Psalm 57:9~10 Pr. David Yu
03/01/2015   Get In Shape: Build Up! Galatians 6:9~10 Pr. Will Chen
02/22/2015   Get In Shape! Tune Up! Galatians 6:6~8 Pr. Will Chen
02/15/2015   Match Up! Ephesians 5:22~33 Pr. Will Chen
02/08/2015   Get In Shape: Measure Up! Galatians 6:3~5 Pr. Will Chen
02/01/2015   Get In Shape: Measure Up! Galatians 6:3~5 Pr. Will Chen
01/25/2015   Get In Shape: Step Up! Galatians 6:1~2 Pr. Will Chen
01/18/2015   Get In Shape: Listen Up! Galatians 5:25~26 Pr. Isaac Liao
01/11/2015   Back to Square ONE Ephesians 4:1~6 Pr. Will Chen
01/04/2015   A Faithful and Wise Servant Matthew 24:44~46 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang

2014 主題 : 團契年     和睦同居,彼此建造 (詩133:1) 《 English 》 2014 : Year of Fellowship     Dwell In Peace, Edify Each Other (Romans 14:19)
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
12/28/2014   to EFC EM Winter Retreat    
12/21/2014   I’ll Be Home For Christmas John 1:1~14 Pr. Will Chen
12/14/2014   How Will This Be? Luke 1:26~38 Pr. Will Chen
12/07/2014   Forerunner for Christ Mark 1:1~8 Pr. Isaac Liao
11/30/2014   Resolve to Follow   Angel Chuang
11/23/2014   Grace is Sufficient 2 Corinthians 12:9~10 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
11/16/2014   Just Give Up! Genesis 22:1~19 Pr. Isaac Liao
11/09/2014   How to Become Fearless Ministers? Acts 6:8~15 Pr. Will Chen
11/02/2014   The Power of Hope Isaiah 40:27~31 Pr. Gabe Barber
10/26/2014   The Last Page of the Book Revelation 22 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
10/19/2014   A Matter of Honor: Culture of the King 1 Peter 2:17 Pr. Isaac Liao
10/12/2014   A Matter of Honor Romans 12:10 Pr. Isaac Liao
10/05/2014   Ministers R Us 1 Peter 2:9 Pr. Will Chen
09/28/2014   Work Colossians 3:23~24 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
09/21/2014   Ready to be Filled Ephesians 3:14~18 Pr. Will Chen
09/14/2014   My Church, My Life Acts 4:31~35 Pr. Isaac Liao
09/07/2014   The Traps of the Devil – Part II Psalm 91:1~7 Dr. John Sim

All For the Greater Good

Romans 8:28~30 Pr. Isaac Liao
08/24/2014   Remember 2 Timothy 2:8~10 Pr. Will Chen
08/17/2014   Being Faith-filled Harvesters Luke 10 Pr. Isaac Liao
08/10/2014   The Traps of the Devil Ephesians 6:10~13 Dr. John Sim
08/03/2014   To Go or Not To Go? Luke 9:59~62 Pr. Will Chen
07/27/2014   How does God work? Matthew 8:1~13 Pr. Andy Fang
07/20/2014   How does God work? Matthew 8:1~13 Pr. Andy Fang
07/13/2014   The Divine Mission Acts 1:1~8 Dr. Frank Macchia
07/06/2014   Freedom Reigns Romans 6:1~14 Pr. Will Chen
06/29/2014   We Are Church – Building Blocks Ephesians 2:11~22 Pr. Will Chen
06/22/2014   In This World, Not Of This World Romans 12:1~2 Pr. Will Chen
06/15/2014 Worship The Father's Heart Job 1:1~5 Pr. Isaac Liao
06/08/2014   Living a Healthy Life Colossians 3:15~17 Pr. Will Chen
06/01/2014   Total Transformation: Rockin’ The New Look Colossians 3:12~14 Pr. Isaac Liao
05/25/2014   Total Transformation: Deep Level Reformatting Colossians 3:5~11 Pr. Isaac Liao
05/18/2014   Total Transformation: Where Is Your Mind? Colossians 3:1~4 Pr. Will Chen
05/11/2014   Sacrificial Love 1 Samuel 1:24~28 Pr. Will Chen
05/04/2014   Built Up & Working Together Ephesians 4:11~16 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
04/27/2014   The Power of Hearing From God   Pr. David Yu
04/20/2014   Journey to the Cross: The Triumph Mark 16:1~20 Pr. Isaac Liao
04/13/2014   Journey to the Cross: The End? Mark 15:21~41 Pr. Isaac Liao
04/06/2014   Journey to the Cross: The Trial Mark 14:52-5:15 Pr. Will Chen
03/30/2014   Journey to the Cross: The Garden Mark 14:32~51 Pr. Isaac Liao
03/23/2014   Journey to the Cross: The Last Supper Mark 14:12~25 Pr. Will Chen
03/16/2014   Walk With Me: It's Time to Dance! Psalm 100:1~5 Pr. Will Chen
03/09/2014   Walk With Me: Detach Thyself 1 John 2:15~17 Pr. Isaac Liao
03/02/2014   Jesus Is The Reason For Everything Titus 2:11~15 Pr. Jonathan Lee
02/23/2014   Walk With Me: The Chains Are Gone 1 John 1:9 Pr. Isaac Liao
02/16/2014   Walk With Me: See The Bigger Picture Ephesians 5:21 Pr. Will Chen
02/09/2014   Walk With Me: Throw Away The Trumpet Matthew 6:1~4 Pr. Will Chen
02/02/2014   Walk With Me: Manna For Your Soul Deuteronomy 8:3 Pr. Isaac Liao
01/26/2014   Walk With Me: From Me To You Ecclesiastes 5:1~2 Pr. Isaac Liao
01/19/2014   Walk With Me: Just The Two Of Us John 15:1~16 Pr. Will Chen
01/12/2014   Fresh Start: Deep Cleaning Matthew 23:25-28 Pr. Will Chen
01/05/2014   Dwell In Unity, Edify One Another Psalms 133:1; Romans 14:19 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang

2013 主題 : 宣教年     作主精兵,廣傳福音 (西1:28) 《 English 》 2013 : Year of Evangelism     Christ Laborers, Gospel Messengers (Colossians 1:28)
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
12/29/2013   Winter Retreat    
12/22/2013   The Greatest Christmas Present John 17:16-17, 23 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
12/15/2013   One And Only 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 Pr. Will Chen
12/08/2013   Surprise Endings Luke 19:11-28 Pr. Bertram Wang
12/01/2013   Between Now and Then Luke 2:25-38 Pr. Isaac Liao
11/24/2013   Give Thanks to the Lord 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Pr. Will Chen
11/17/2013   Breaking Good Romans 12:9-21 Pr. Will Chen
11/10/2013   Gifted to Serve: Being a Starter on God's Team 1 Peter 4:10-11 Pr. Isaac Liao
11/03/2013       Pr. Tommy Wang
10/27/2013   Entertaining Visitors Like They Are Angels Genesis 18 Pr. Isaac Liao
10/20/2013   Come To Me Matthew 11:28-30 Pr. Will Chen
10/13/2013   Deep Cleaning: Taking Out The Trash Within Mark 11:12-22 Pr. Isaac Liao
10/06/2013   Are We There Yet? Isaiah 40:31 Pr. Will Chen
09/29/2013       Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
09/22/2013   A Peace That Overcomes All Worries Philippians 4:4-9 Pr. Isaac Liao
09/15/2013   Who Knew Being in Jail Could Be a Good Thing! Acts 16:25-34 Pr. Isaac Liao
09/08/2013   What Happened to the Church? Acts 2:42-47 Pr. Will Chen
09/01/2013   Just Do It! Matthew 21:28-32 Pr. Will Chen
08/25/2013   From Fear to Faith Luke 8:22-25 Pr. Benjamin Chen
08/18/2013   Summer Mission Sharing Taiwan Mission + Inner City L.A. Psalm 66  
08/11/2013   Advice for the Journey Ahead 1 John 2:15-17 Pr. Isaac Liao
08/04/2013   A Friend Of God John 11:1-7 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
07/28/2013   Through The Bible In 40 Minutes Genesis 12:1-5 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
07/21/2013 Worship The Call 2 Corinthians 5:17 Pr. Will Chen
07/14/2013 Worship Building A Healthy Church Romans 12:3-10 Pr. Will Chen
07/07/2013 Worship Jesus In The Boat Mark 4:35-41 Pr. Will Chen
06/30/2013 Worship Reexamine The Reasons To Follow John 14:6 Pr. Will Chen
06/23/2013 Worship So You Think You Can Follow Jesus? Luke 9:57-62 Pr. Isaac Liao
06/16/2013   Like Father, Like Son Philippians 2:19-22 Pr. Will Chen
06/09/2013 Worship A Call To Missional Living Matthew 28:18-20 Pr. Isaac Liao
06/02/2013 Worship Rekindle The Passion To Love Luke 10:27 Pr. Will Chen
05/26/2013 EFC SoCal Retreat Letting Go, Getting New Luke 5:29-39 Pr. Cory Ishida
05/19/2013 Worship Heaven Revelation 21:1-4 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
05/12/2013   Choosing The Better Portion Luke 10:38-42 Pr. Isaac Liao
05/05/2013 Worship Wisdom: Goodness, Gracioius, Great Coals of Fire Proverbs 25:21-22 Pr. Isaac Liao
04/28/2013 Worship Wisdom: Manage Your Money The Biblical Way Proverbs 3:9-10 Pr. Will Chen
04/21/2013 Worship Wisdom: Not The Owner, Just A Steward Proverbs 11:24-25 Pr. Will Chen
04/14/2013 Worship Wisdom: Give Me Only My Daily Bread Proverbs 30:8-9 Pr. Will Chen
04/07/2013 Worship Wisdom: Who's Driving Your Life Anyway? Proverbs 3:5-6 Pr. Isaac Liao
03/31/2013 Worship Living Hope 1 Peter 1:3-9 Pr. Will Chen
03/29/2013 Worship I / Worship II Love Of A Savior John 13:1-17 Pr. Will Chen
03/24/2013 Worship No Other Way But Death Isaiah 53 Pr. Isaac Liao
03/17/2013 Worship Wisdom: Become A Better You Through Criticism Proverbs 15:31-32 Pr. Will Chen
03/10/2013 Worship Wisdom: Bad Words Proverbs 11:11 Pr. Will Chen
03/03/2013 Worship Wisdom: The Way of The Ant Proverbs 6:6-9 Pr. Isaac Liao
02/24/2013 Worship Wisdom: Gracious Speech In an Ungracious World Proverbs 16:24 Pr. Isaac Liao
02/17/2013 Worship Reaching Out of the End of the Earth   Dr. Robert Wong
02/10/2013 Worship Wisdom: Finding Mr. & Mrs. Right Proverbs 12:4 Pr. Will Chen
02/03/2013 Worship We Are Soul Winners Matthew 28; Proverbs 11:30 K.C. Liu
01/27/2013 Worship Wisdom: Will You Be My TFF? Proverbs 17:17 Pr. Issac Liao
01/20/2013 Worship Wisdom: Wisdom for Dummies: A Guide For The Rest of Us Proverbs 2 Pr. Issac Liao
01/13/2013 Worship Wisdom: Skill In Living Proverbs 1:1~7 Pr. Will Chen
01/06/2013   The Lord in Your Heart Luke 1:74~75; Isaiah 50:4~6 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang

2012 主題 : 裝備年(Equip)     認識真神,生命轉變 (約17:3) 《 English 》 2012 : The year of Equip     Know God, Be transformed
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
12/30/2012   Winter Retreat    
12/23/2012   "Good News of Christmas: Faith, Hope, Love" Luke 2:8~14 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
12/16/2012   The Perfect Gift: Gift Exchange Micah 6:6~8 Pr. Will Chen
12/09/2012   The Perfect Gift: Beyond the Wrapping Paper Luke 1:26~33 Pr. Will Chen
12/02/2012   The Perfect Gift: Puzzled Face John 1:1~13 Pr. Will Chen
11/25/2012   Turning Thanksgiving Into Thanksliving Psalm 107:21-22 Pr. Will Chen
11/18/2012   Season of Giving – Give Thanks to the Ultimate Giver Luke 17:11~19 Pr. Will Chen
11/11/2012   Season of Giving – Give Hope to the Hopeless Mark 5:21~43 Isaac Liao
11/04/2012   Season of Giving – Give Help to the Needy Matthew 25:31~40 Pr. Will Chen
10/28/2012   Giving God What's Good Enough is not Good Enough Malachi 1:6~14 Isaac Liao
10/21/2012   What Would Jesus Do With His Time   Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
10/14/2012   Heart of a Servant – Commitment & Loyalty Luke 14:25~33 Pr. Will Chen
10/07/2012   Heart of a Servant – Faith & Obedience James 2:14~17 Pr. Will Chen
09/30/2012   Heart of a Servant – An Attentive & Teachable Heart James 1:19~21 Pr. Will Chen
09/23/2012   Heart of a Servant – A Pure & Clean Heart Psalm 24:1~6 Pr. Will Chen
09/16/2012 Worship Church That Flows Living Water Ez. 47:6~12 Rev. Sue Hui Chou
09/09/2012   2012 Mexico Summer Mission Sharing   Pr. Will Chen
09/02/2012   Faithful Obedience to a Crazy God Luke 5:1-11 Isaac Liao
08/26/2012   Free Grace & Costly Discipleship Luke 14 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
08/19/2012   How God Takes Care of Us Ruth 2:1-13 Pr. Bertram Wang
08/12/2012   One Body 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 Pr. Andy Fang
08/05/2012   The Six Things God Hates False Witness, Unity Breaker Proverbs 6:16-19 Pr. Will Chen
07/29/2012 Worship The Six Things That God Hates: Wicked Heart, Murdering Hands, & Evil Feet Proverbs 6:16-19 Pr. Will Chen
07/22/2012 Worship The Six Things That God Hates: Lying Tongue Proverbs 6:16-19 Pr. Will Chen
07/15/2012 Worship The Six Things That God Hates: Proud Look Proverbs 6:16-19 Pr. Will Chen
07/08/2012 Worship Living a Purpose Driven Life Matthew 19:16-30 Pr. Will Chen
07/01/2012 Summer Retreat Know God, Be Transformed   Rev. Godwin Ngai
06/24/2012 Worship 40 Days of Purposes: You Were Made for a Mission   Pr. Will Chen
06/17/2012 Worship 40 Days of Purposes: You Were Shaped to Serve God   Pr. Will Chen
06/10/2012 Worship 40 Days of Purposes: You Were Created to Become Like Christ   Pr. Will Chen
06/03/2012 Worship You Were Formed for God's Family   Pr. Will Chen
05/27/2012 Worship You Were Planned for God's Pleasure   Pr. Will Chen
05/20/2012 Worship What On Earth Am I Here For?   Pr. Will Chen
05/13/2012 Mother's Day Joint Service From Misunderstanding to Understanding Matthew 20:20~28 Pr. Will Chen
05/06/2012 Worship A Brand New Heart Haggai 1:1 - 2:23 Pr. Will Chen
04/29/2012 Worship Out of Temptation and Into the Light Genesis 39 Isaac Liao
04/22/2012 Worship I Am Exodus 1-2 Pr. Andy Fang
04/15/2012 Worship Our Resurrection Mandate Matthew 28:16-20 Pr. Bertram Wang
04/08/2012 Worship Worship the King: The Triumphant King   Pr. Will Chen
04/01/2012 Worship Worship the King: The Almighty King Job 42 Isaac Liao
03/25/2012 Worship Worship the King: The Compassionate King John 11:28-37 Pr. Will Chen
03/18/2012 Worship Worship the King: The Righteous King Romans 3:21-26 Pr. Will Chen
03/11/2012 Worship Worship the King: The Majestic King Psalm 8:1-9 Pr. Will Chen
03/04/2012 Worship We Are Family: Forgiveness Matthew 18:21-35 Pr. Will Chen
02/26/2012 Worship We Are Family: Honesty Acts 5:1-11
Isaac Liao
02/19/2012 Worship We Are Family: Generosity 1 Timothy 6:17-19 Pr. Will Chen
02/12/2012 Worship We Are Family: Love 1 John 4:17-21 Pr. Will Chen
02/05/2012   We Are Family: Unity 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 Pr. Will Chen
01/29/2012 Worship We Are Family: Honor & Respect 1 Timothy 5:1-2 Pr. Will Chen
01/22/2012 Worship We Are Family: My Church, My Home Acts 2:42-47 Pr. Will Chen
01/15/2012 Worship See What God Sees, Do What God Wills! Nehemiah 2:11-18 Issac Liao
01/08/2012 New Year Joint Service Triumphant Warfare Rev 12:11-12, 1 Pe 5:8, Jas 4:7 Pr.Chuang
01/01/2012 Worship New Year, New You, New Hope Luke 5:1-11 Pr. Will Chen

2011 主題 : 全地敬拜,萬民頌揚 (詩66:4-8) 《 English 》 All earth bows to You, all peoples praise Your name
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
12/25/2011 Special Music The Spirit of Christmas Luke 2:10-17; Philippine 2:5-11 Pr.Chuang
12/18/2011 Worship Christmas: The Curse On The Serpent Philippians 4:6-7 Pr. Ted Kau
12/11/2011 Worship Set Out For Jerusalem Luke 9:51-62 Pr. Will Chen
12/04/2011 Worship Don't Worry, Be Happy Philippians 4:6-7 Pr. John Sim
11/27/2011 Worship Complacency is a dish best served lukewarm Revelation 3:14~22 Isaac Liao
11/20/2011   Grateful Life Psalms 103:2~5 Pr. Chuang
11/13/2011 Worship Wait on the Lord Luke 10:38~42 Pr. Will Chen
11/06/2011 Worship Your Career and the Kingdom of God Matthew 5: 13~16 K C Liu
10/30/2011   Let us make a name for ourselves... Genesis 11:1~9 Isaac Liao
10/23/2011 Worship The Joy Of The Lord Nehemiah 8:1-12 Pr. Ted Kau
10/16/2011 Worship The Unconventional Ways of God 1 Samuel 17:40~50 Pr. John Sim
10/09/2011 Worship Worthy Life Matthew 25:19-21 Pr. Will Chen
10/02/2011 Worship Change Acts 6:1-7 Pr. James Yu
09/25/2011   The Long Wondering Years Deut 7:6-9, 8 John Shui
09/18/2011 Worship The Conduct and Attitude of the Believer in this Life Philippians 2:14-18 Jonathan Lee
09/11/2011 Joint Service Messenger of the Gospel Acts 8:26-40 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
09/04/2011 Worship Embracing a Lifestyle of Repentance Matthew 4: 17 K. C. Liu
08/28/2011 Worship Sword and Trowel Nehemiah 4:15~23 Pr. Ted Kau
08/21/2011 Retreat      
08/14/2011 Worship Be Strong and Courageous… for the Lord your God is with you! 1 Joshua 1:1~9 Isaac Liao
08/07/2011 Worship A Good Start & A Good Finish 1 Samuel 9~12 Pr. Dwayne Nordstrom
07/31/2011   Serving God: A Charitable Secret
Matthew 6:1~18
馬太福音 6:1~18
Pr. Gabe Barber
07/24/2011 Worship Our of Great Trial Comes…? Hosea 1:1~11 Pr. Gabe Barber
07/17/2011 Worship Tis Better to Give than to Receive Philippians 4:10~23 Pr. Gabe Barber
07/10/2011   Are You Anxious? Change Your Mind! Philippians 4:4~9 Pr. Gabe Barber
07/03/2011 Worship A Goal Worth Everything is Worth Pursuing Philippians 3:12~21 Pr. Gabe Barber
06/26/2011   Have you lost your marbles? Philip. 3:1~11 Isaac Liao
06/19/2011 Worship 以善勝惡/Exchanging Evil for Good, Over and Over 創 Gen 50:15~21 巴牧師 Pr. Gabe Barber
06/12/2011 Worship Becoming a Blessing Philippians 2:19-30 Pr. Will Chen
06/05/2011 Worship Be a Light in Dark Places Philippians 2:12~18 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/29/2011   Humility: Follow the Leader Philippians 2:1~11 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/22/2011 Worship Christ…Is…Everything Philip. 1:12~30 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/15/2011 Worship Finding Comfort in Numbers Philippians 1:3~11 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/08/2011 Worship Great Is The Mother's Love Pro. 10:1;Eph . 6:1~3 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
05/01/2011 Worship "Prove to me that you believe" 1 Peter 1:8~9 Isaac Liao
04/24/2011 Worship Risen From the Dead Luke 24:1~9 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
04/17/2011 Worship Word of Contentment from the Cross Luke 23:46 Pr. Gabe Barber
04/10/2011 Worship The Word of Victory from the Cross John 19:30 Pr. Gabe Barber
04/03/2011 Worship The Word of Suffering from the Cross John 19:28 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/27/2011 Worship The Word of Affection from the Cross John 19:26~27 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/20/2011 Worship The Word of Salvation from the Cross Luke 23:43 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/13/2011 Worship The Word of Forgiveness from the Cross Luke 23:34 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/06/2011 Worship My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me? Matthew 27:46 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/27/2011   Guard Your Heart Proverbs 4:23 Pr. Ted Kau
02/20/2011 Worship Return to Bethel Genesis 35:1~15 Pr. Will Chen
02/13/2011   Please, Let Me Try This Again Genesis 32~33 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/06/2011 Worship When Running Becomes a Lifestyle Genesis 31:1~55 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/30/2011 Worship Persevering When You Shouldn't Have To Genesis 29:1~30 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/23/2011   Finding God - The Key to True Identity Genesis 28:10~22 Pr. Will Chen
01/16/2011   Do the Ends Justify the Means? Genesis 27:1~46 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/09/2011 Worship Becoming A New Generation Joshua Joshua 1:8~9 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
01/02/2011 Worship Marching Into Canaan Number 13:25~14:10 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang

2010 主題 : 凡事謝恩,各處傳揚 《 English 》 Giving Thanks Always, Preaching Christ Everywhere
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
12/26/2010 Worship Taking the Time to Grow & Prepare Luke 2:41~52 Pr. Gabe Barber
12/19/2010 Worship Good Tidings of Great Joy
Luke 路 2:1~20 Pr. Gabe Barber
12/12/2010   An Announcement of Hope Luke 1:26~38 Pr. Gabe Barber
12/05/2010 Worship Paving the Way for Messiah Luke 1:5~25 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/28/2010 Worship Soli Deo Gloria: Gloria to God Alone 1 Chronicles 16:7~36 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/21/2010 Worship

Give Thanks In All Circumstances

1 帖 1 Thess.5:16~18 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
11/14/2010 Worship Sola Fide: By Faith Alone Romans 10:1~4 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/07/2010 Worship Sola Gratia: Grace Alone Titus 2:11~15 Pr. Will Chen
10/31/2010 Worship Clingto what Counts and Stand for what Stays Luke 8; Eph. 6 Pr. John Macy
10/24/2010 Worship Sola Christus: Christ Alone Colossians 1:13~18 Pr. Gabe Barber
10/17/2010 Worship Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone 2 Timothy 3:14~17 Pr. Gabe Barber
10/10/2010 Worship Safety Found in the presence of God Psalm 91:1~16 Pr. Gabe Barber
10/03/2010 Worship Chapter 595 Psalm 118 Pr. Will Chen
09/26/2010 Worship Repentance is Met with Forgiveness Psalm 51:1~19 Pr. Gabe Barber
09/19/2010 Worship God the Just Judge: Court is now in session Psalm 75:1~10 Isaac Liao
09/12/2010 Worship In God We Trust Psalm 27:1-6 Pr. Will Chen
09/05/2010 Worship The Blessing of Forgiveness Psalm 32:1~11 Pr. Gabe Barber

Worship Video台灣短宣演劇

Testifying the Power of the Gospel 1 Thessalonians 1:2-6 Pr. Chuang
08/22/2010 Worship The Word of the Lord is Perfect Psalm 19:1~14 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/15/2010 Worship Choosing Worship over Rebellion Psalm 5:1~12 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/08/2010 Worship God Wouldn't Ask Me to Give up THAT! Gen. 22:1~8 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/01/2010 Worship How to Depend on God for My Future Prov. 3:5~6 Pr. John Sim
07/25/2010 Worship From the Verse of God to the Goal of Your Life Philippians 3:10~11 John Shui
07/18/2010 Worship Security of the King Matthew 6:25~34 Pr. Andy Kuo
07/11/2010 Worship Pleading with God, Watching Him Work Genesis 18:22~33 Pr. Gabe Barber
07/04/2010 Worship What Have I Gotten Myself Into? Genesis 16:1~6 Pr. Gabe Barber
06/27/2010 Worship Trusting the Impossible Promises Genesis 15:1~6 Pr. Gabe Barber
06/20/2010 Worship Living Out God’s Purpose Acts 13:36 Pr. Will Chen
06/13/2010 Worship Are You Pitching Your Tent by Faith or by Sight? Genesis 13 Isaac Liao
06/06/2010 Worship A Lapse in Faith on the Journey of Faith Gen. 12:10~20 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/30/2010 Worship Following the Radical Call Genesis 12:1~9 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/23/2010 Worship Keep on Keeping On… Forever Jude 17~25 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/16/2010 Worship Don't Go Down with Those Going Down Jude 1~16 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/09/2010 Worship The Most Influential Person – Mother Pro. 23:22, Eph. 6:1-4 Pr. Tse-Feng Chuang
05/02/2010 Worship Mi Casa Es Su Casa 3 John Pr. Will Chen
04/25/2010 Worship Walk in a Way That Won’t Get You Lost 2 John Pr. Gabe Barber
04/18/2010 Worship Signpost of Faith 1 John 5:13~21 Pr. Gabe Barber
04/11/2010 Worship Part 2:How to Depend on God for My Future Proverbs 3:5~6 Dr. John Sim
04/04/2010 Worship Believing in the King Who Has Overcome the World
1John 5:1~12 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/28/2010 Worship Love as a Litmus Test 1 John 4:7~21 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/21/2010   Testing the Spirits to Find the Truth 1 John 4:1~6 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/14/2010 Worship Part 1:"What Does God Say About My Future?" Jer. 29:11~14 Dr. John Sim
03/07/2010   Reason to Live 1 John 3:11~24 Pr. Will Chen
02/28/2010 Worship Children of God, Pleasing their Daddy 1 John 3:1~10 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/21/2010 Worship Choosing Sides in the Last Hour 1 John 2:18~27 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/14/2010 Worship Wisdom for the Entire Journey 1 John 2:12~17 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/07/2010   Lost 1 John 2:7~11 Pr. Will Chen
01/31/2010 Worship Jesus Christ: Public Attorney 1 John 2:1~6 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/24/2010 Worship Clear & Simple: Walk in the Light 1 John 1:5-10 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/17/2010 Worship Do You Know the Lord? 1 John 1:1~4 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/10/2010 The Fire of Revival; Worthy,You are worthy; Worthy,Lord Take Up Your Holy Throne The Calling Of The God 出(Exodus 3:7~14) 周淑慧牧師
01/03/2010   Winter Retreat (No Service)    

2009 主題 : 挑旺恩賜,彼此服事 (彼前四章10節) 《 English 》 Bring Out The Gifts, Serve One Another.(I Peter 4:10)
Date Worship & Praise Sermon Bible passage Speaker
12/27/2009 Worship Seize the Moment Ephesians 5:15~21 Pr. Will Chen
12/20/2009 Worship   Combined   Understanding the True Meaning of Christmas Luke 2:25~38 Pr. Gabe Barber
12/13/2009 Worship Leave the Judging to the Judge Matt. 7:1~6 Pr. Gabe Barber
12/06/2009 Worship Hakuna Matt. 6:25~34 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/29/2009 Worship Serving God: A Charitable Secreter Matt. 6:1~4 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/22/2009 Worship   Combined Praise God for Who He is and What He Has Done Psalm 111:1~10 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/21/2009 Worship Thanksgiving night Part 1 Thanksgiving night Part 2 Thanksgiving night
11/15/2009 Worship Obeying the Law Just God More Personal Matt. 5:17~20 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/08/2009 Worship God is our Refuge Ps. 46 Dr. John Sim
11/01/2009 Worship It's Opposite Day, Forever! Matthew 5:1~12 Pr. Gabe Barber
10/25/2009 Worship What's in Your Heart Cannot Be Hidden 2 Kings 14:1~4 Pr. Gabe Barber
10/18/2009 Worship The day of trouble Ps. 50:15 Dr. John Sim
10/11/2009 Worship What Will You Do with Your Second Chance? 2 Kings 13:1~9 Pr. Gabe Barber
10/04/2009 Worship    Combined To the Victor Goes the Spoils 2 Kings 5:1~7 Pr. Gabe Barber
09/27/2009 Worship How then shall they call upon Him? Romans 10:13~15 Isaac Liao
09/20/2009   Don't Let God's Will Go to Your Head 2 Kings 9:1~3 Pr. Gabe Barber
09/13/2009 He Is Exalted; Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty; It Is Well with My Soul; In Moments Like These 教會增長理念
The Concept of Church Growth
加(Gala.)2:1~21 陳敏欽牧師
Pr. Peter Chen
09/06/2009 Worship Faith that Works… Wonders! 1 Kings 17:1~7 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/30/2009   How Big is Your BUT? 1 Kings 11:1~8 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/23/2009 Worship Coming Back to the Heart of Worship Isaiah 66:1~4 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/16/2009 Worship Bringing Substance to the Eternal Perspective Isaiah 65:17~25 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/09/2009 Worship Come, All Who Are Thirsty Isaiah 55:1~13 Pr. Gabe Barber
08/02/2009 Worship Drink From the Fountain of Strength Isaiah 40:27~31 Pr. Gabe Barber
07/26/2009 Worship Passion For The Lost Matt. 9:35~38 Dr. John Sim
07/19/2009 Worship Faith Without Works is Dead Isaiah 37:1~7 Pr. Gabe Barber
07/12/2009   Living for Eternity, Thriving for Now Isaiah 35:1~10 Pr. Gabe Barber
07/05/2009 Worship God's Abundant Generosity Ephesians 3:16~21 Dr. Frank Macchia
06/28/2009 Worship The Call for the Service Isaiah 6:1~8 葛國光牧師
06/26/2009 Summer Retreat   SpirtualGifts   Pr. Andy Kuo
06/21/2009 Worship Leaving a Legacy of Wisdom Proverb 2:1~5 Pr. Gabe Barber
06/14/2009 Worship In God We Trust? Isa. 30:1~7 Pr. Gabe Barber
06/07/2009 Worship Every Knee Will Bow! Isa. 19:18~25 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/31/2009 Worship Which mountain are you looking at? Psalm 121 Isaac Liao
05/24/2009 Worship Our God is a Sovereign God Isaiah 14:12~21 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/17/2009 Worship The Hope of God's People Isaiah 9:6~7 Pr. Gabe Barber
05/10/2009     VideoYouth Choir.wmv God Loves His Children 1John 3:1 Mrs. Cheri Barber
05/03/2009 Worship What Does it Take to Convince You Isa. 7:10~17 Pr. Gabe Barber
04/26/2009 Worship Blessing or Wrath: A Tale of Two Cities Isaiah 1:18~20 Pr. Gabe Barber
04/19/2009 Worship Hopeless Obedience Isaiah 6:1~13 Pr. Gabe Barber
The Servant's Journey, From Death To Hope Isaiah 52:13~53:12 Pr. Gabe Barber
04/05/2009 Worship Disciples: Live Your Life For Christ Acts 11:19~26 Rev. Levi Hwang
03/29/2009 Worship Famous Last Words 2 Tim 4:9~22 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/22/2009 Worship Leaving a Godly Legacy 2 Tim 4:6~8 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/15/2009   Preparation: The Key to Spontaneity 2 Tim 4:1~5 Pr. Gabe Barber
03/08/2009 Worship An Overflowing Heart 1 Thess. 2:7~8 Pr. Ted Kao
03/01/2009   The Source of Focus in the Midst of Chaos 2 Tim 3:10~17 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/22/2009   Overcoming the Antagonist 2 Tim 3:1~9 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/15/2009   Good News, Workers-Payday is Coming! 2 Tim 2:14~26 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/08/2009   Do You Trust the Trustworthy Saying? 2 Tim 2:8~13 Pr. Gabe Barber
02/01/2009 Worship Soldiers, Athletes, and Farmers:Oh My! 2 Tim 2:1~13 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/25/2009   Keep on Keeping on 2 Tim 1:13~18 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/18/2009   Finding Honor and Shame in the Gospel 2 Tim 1:8~12 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/11/2009   Famous Last Words 2 Tim 1:1~7 Pr. Gabe Barber
01/04/2009   The Power Behind a New Beginning John 21:15~25 Pr. Gabe Barber
11/23/2008 生命在於你; 和撒那; 我站立敬畏你; 你真偉大 Hearts Full of Praise
Psalm 113:1~9
詩篇 113:1~9
Pr. Gabe Barber
09/07/2008 Happy Birthday: My Life in You; Hosanna; How Great thou Art 傳揚
Spreading the Gospel
約拿書 1:1~3, 3:1~3
Jonah1:1~3, 3:1~3
Pr. Peter Chen

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